Scope of Success

Lakers continue to grow and expand through Northern Europe, and the first company in the UK has finally joined us! We are proud to welcome PumpSupplies as part of our family. 

Founded in 1982, PumpSupplies is a leading supplier of electric submersible pumps into the UK and Irish market. The company operates out of 5 strategically located depots and specializes in all aspects of submersible pumps, from hire & service to sales and pump station installation. As the Commercial Manager of PumpSupplies, Peter Lewington is the right man to call for a quick chat about their history, company culture, and future ambitions.  

Recipe for Success

“The founder of the company, Andrew John, purchased a small number of pumps from a construction company. He started his business by renting these pumps to the mining and construction industry in South Wales, Port Talbot – where the business started. When the mining industry collapsed in the UK, Andrew pointed the company towards the municipal and wastewater business.” 

As the company expanded, Andrew opened up three other depots, one in the northwest of England, one in Gloucester and one in Cornwall. The company has grown each year since it started in 1982. Peter believes the achievement is in large part due to three factors. 

Our biggest success factor is our high levels of customer service. The company ethos has and is respond quickly and provide the best solution for the customer’s needs.

Peter Lewington, Commercial Manager of PumpSupplies

Secondly, over the last 40 years, Andrew has invested in our fleet of equipment. Today, we probably have the largest fleet of electric submersible pumps, pipework and accessories in the UK – it is extreemly rare for Pump Supplies to not be able to solve the customers problem.

The final success factor is staff retention; many employees have been with the company for twenty years and more.

“People rarely leave the business except for when they retire – this also creates a high level of knowledge and expertise in the company, which our customers respect.”

PumpSupplies haven’t invested heavily in marketing, but the company has grown through its reputation, word of mouth and customer loyalty. Together with Lakers, Peter believes the company will continue to grow in the future. 

“It is about bringing value to the community, our clients, our business, and our employees in the most sustainable way. ” 

To pick the right buyer

Passing your business legacy on to the right person is a key concern when selling a business. What is the most important factor for you in the sale of your company? Price and timeframe are, of course, important. But other goals can be significant also, such as are they the type of buyer that will treat your employees and customers the way you think they should be treated. Will they keep the excellent reputation that you have worked hard to develop. Do they add value to your company in bringing new ideas, products, marketing strategies – that can help to build on what you have. Do they understand your business?

“Andrew was keen to sell to someone who wanted to take the company forward and preserve the prospects of the employees. It’s never easy to choose a buyer, but Andrew decided Lakers met his requirements. Lakers understands the business segments and the management, and they have a passion for the products and the industry — that impressed Andrew.” 

All things water 

Peter tells us they are curious to explore further opportunities. With the support of Lakers there are certainly many opportunities for Pump Supplies to grow in its core business but also grow through acquisition into adjacencies that will provide interesting synergies across the group.

“When we look at the history of PumpSupplies, the company grew to a size we could be comfortable with – but with Laker’s ambitions and support, it will give more scope for the business to grow and succeed.” 

PumpSupplies also play an active role in supporting local community activities; read more about the company on their webpage.

Pump Supplies – 17.12.2015 Picture by Antony Thompson