Power the Future

New and advanced battery technology has already turned the automobile industry upside down, forcing car manufacturers to think differently. As battery technology continues to improve, it pushes other industries into new territories and towards more sustainable solutions. Next up? The generators.

Pump Supplies is a leading supplier of electric submersible pumps in the UK and Irish markets. The company specializes in all aspects of submersible pumps, from hire and service to sales and pump station installation.

The automobile industry is not the only industry experiencing rapid technological change towards cleaner energy. Pump Supplies endeavors to always deliver the most sustainable solutions for every project, this time involving battery technology and Aggreko generators.

23,647.24 kg of carbon saved

Peter Lewington, Commercial Manager of Pump Supplies, tells us about a recent project the company completed in southwest England. The project consisted of a sewage pipe that needed replacing. The sewage gravity main pipeline was leaking, which caused cracks to appear in the road. Repairing the pipe required an over-pump system set-up.

“Our job involved selecting the correct pumps and supplying the pipework and the control equipment. There wasn’t a fixed power supply available, so we had to provide a temporary power supply with generators. Since generator technology traditionally uses diesel engines, it would mean that the generator running all the time because you need to be able to generate an electric supply for the pumps and the control equipment. With battery power, the tables turn.”

Located in an urban housing area, repairing the broken pipe could cause serious noise disturbance for the people who live near and around it should a diesel generator be running continuously.

“There has been a development in generator technology over the last couple of years – primarily to reduce the CO2 and the amount of diesel being used, but the benefits are threefold. Number one, it saves on the amount of diesel. Number two, it reduces the CO2 impact. Number three, it’s a considerable noise reduction because the generators are only being used from time to time rather than all the time – for the residents around that system, it’s a lot more friendly.”

Fuel Flexibility

Peter tells us this new generator technology is becoming more commonly used. The only constraint is the size of the battery and the operating regime – the system works best when the system is only required to operate intermittently thus the battery is being used to keep the control system active whilst not requiring the full supply capability of the generator.

“There are many advantages. Since you are not using so much fuel, you don’t have to return to the site and refill the diesel engines. So you save money from the operation, diesel for delivery and energy use. The lifetime cost can be considerable. In this project, the carbon savings over 57 days was 23,647.24Kg.”

Currently, generator manufacturers are investing a lot of money for this battery pack to become a standard solution. Pump Supplies have high sustainable ambitions, and battery technology is essential in helping solve the green puzzle.

“Whenever we can, we use sustainable and carbon-free generators. At the same time, we pay close attention to technological development and are eager to reduce our carbon footprint even more.”