Making water work.

Lakers is a leading water and wastewater company, focusing on pump technology and the aftermarket. Lakers combine the small entrepreneurial spirit and local presence with the structure and professionalism of larger companies. This way, we can give our customers excellent services and ensure top quality, sustainability, and high customer satisfaction.

Lakers was founded in 2016 and headquartered in Oslo. Lakers is a North European group active in aftermarket services in the water and wastewater industry. The company consist of individual companies across the Nordic and North European region.

Lakers is a dedicated group of people who all have a background in the water and wastewater industry. A solid commitment to issues concerning the environment and water management characterises the company. Our purpose? Making water work. 

Family values

Lakers strongly believe in the dedication and attention to customer needs you experience in small and medium-sized companies. Our goal is to gather several entrepreneurial companies into a Nordic family without losing the local company’s value, commitment, knowledge, and identity.

We aim to be the best workplace for our employees and the first choice for our customers. We enable development and specialisation for our employees and enhance the companies included in the group. 

We hold ourselves to high ethical standards and keep our commitments. In our daily work, we strive for a more viable society by making sustainable progress possible.  

Our inspiration

As a company, we’re getting our inspiration from sports organisation with team spirit where every part is equally important and essential.

We are confident that we can create strength and success and increase competitiveness through greater cooperation between companies and their various parts. Lakers vision is to build a strong team with the right skills at all positions.

The name Lakers makes you think of lakes and water – transport of water is our foundation. The name is also motivated by the hockey team in the middle of Småland, in Sweden. Despite limited resources, the enthusiastic, warm, and goal-oriented ice hockey team went from minor to dominant. They were all in it together, and they never worked alone.